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Underknown Announces Cristina Caballero as Their New Executive Vice President – Web Series

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Cristina Caballero

Cristina Caballero will be showcasing her extensive knowledge of operations as Underknown’s new Executive Vice President – Web Series.

Underknown is excited to announce Cristina Caballero as the new Executive Vice President leading its Web Series department. In this role, Cristina, a 3-year veteran of Underknown, will oversee both creative content, financials and business operations to ensure that Underknown’s web content, which has been the bread-and-butter of the company since its founding, will continue to draw large audiences.

 After moving from Colombia to Toronto, Cristina joined Underknown in 2019 as the company was expanding into the international market. Her experience working as a journalist in Colombia proved valuable to bringing in a global audience. “I was always so obsessed with understanding why things were happening the way they were in other countries,” she said of her time as a journalist. Cristina quickly found success in helping to build Underknown’s global market and found her true passions – workflows, people and team management and optimizing processes.

 She continued at Underknown in an operations-focused role, helping to put systems in place that would support the new global audience and team members. Underknown CEO Steve Hulford recognized her exceptional talent. “Cristina has exceeded expectations since she joined in 2019 to head up our International Channel expansion.  She will be managing the P&L (profit & loss) of our web series business from soup to nuts. She has a unique ability to visualize what we need to do, and make it happen. Cristina has been influential in helping us scale our business, and expand our shows and markets. I am excited to see her lead this division, “he said.

 As EVP, Cristina is excited to marry her operations experience with the creativity that Underknown’s various web series demand. On the business side, she will lead a push towards brand partnerships. “We want to work with great brands that match our mission and values and that our audiences will love to see,” she said about Underknown’s mission to entertain and educate the world about science and the humanities. As for her creative goals, she sees a lot of opportunity in platform-specific content, whether it be short-form Instagram reels or longer YouTube videos.  

 Cristina comes into her new role at an exciting time for the company. CEO Steve Hulford is overseeing all of Underknown and spearheading Underknown Studios, which will develop TV shows based on successful Underknown web content, as well as developing Underknown Labs, which is working on courses and Unreal Game engine content development. Cristina’s leadership of Underknown’s web series will help expand the already dominant digital branch of Underknown and lay the groundwork for Underknown Studios to be an I.P. powerhouse in the traditional media landscape. 

To learn more about Cristina’s professional accomplishments, visit her on LinkedIn.

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