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Sam Barcroft Joins Underknown as Advisor

By November 23, 2022November 28th, 2022No Comments

Sam Barcroft

Sam Barcroft joins Underknown, adding his knowledge of content creation and media expertise as Underknown’s latest advisor.

Media entrepreneur and industry pioneer Sam Barcroft is to join Underknown as an advisor as the company enters its next stage of growth.  

Sam’s career in digital media began back in 2003 when he started Barcroft Studios from his bedroom in London. 

Sam was one of the first producers to make original documentaries on YouTube. Over the course of 12 years, his company made over 2000 documentaries and pulled in 70 million subscribers across all platforms. His digital documentary business grew alongside a successful content licensing business and TV production company.  

“I’ve been a huge fan of Underknown, watching on in admiration as they have scaled their breakout shows over the last few years”, said Sam.
“Underknown is servicing young audiences who are fascinated by the world of science and exploration, but who crave more entertaining ways to learn about it,” he continues. “That’s what shows like What If achieve in every episode”. 

This is exactly what inspired him to join as an advisor. “The problem with education is it’s very boring,” he says. “With young kids who have short attention spans, who game and are on social media… you can’t just hand someone a science textbook and hope they fall in love with it.”  

Underknown owns what Sam calls the ‘hypo-factual ’space (hypothetical-factual) – creating inspiring content that uses hypothetical situations to educate people about subject matter they find interesting. He feels that this way of educating the public, and especially young people whose demands are much higher, holds the key to the next generation of education.  

Using the in-house proprietary software StorySuite, Underknown continues to use data analysis to drive which educational content it creates. 

Sam sees it as the key to its expansion saying, “A data-driven approach combined with super clever editorial equals a business to keep your eyes on for the next few years.” 

CEO Steve Hulford recognizes Sam’s value at a critical and exciting time for the company, saying, “I am excited to bring on Sam Barcroft as an advisor to Underknown. Sam has had an incredible run as a media entrepreneur— through many ups and downs – and knows both the social video business and long-form TV business. He is someone who’s advice and insights I admire. He speaks with the experience of a battled-hardened entrepreneur and the empathy of a friend. I look forward to exploring where we can take the Underknown experience.”

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