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The social hit show, now adapted for kids.

What If Kids is an original show produced by Underknown and based off of the Webby Award winning series called What If that has garnered over 30 million followers in nine languages. What If makes science accessible and engaging. It uses a hypothetical question, what if, as an entry point to talk about science with young people.

The What If Kids experience brings families together around fun activities that educate kids about science. Through the What If Kids web-series, children can select from dozens of What If videos made specially for them.

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Parent watching What If Kids with their child
Cosmo the Robot

Who is Cosmo?

The show is hosted by Cosmo, a 3D animated robot from another planet who takes young viewers on a journey of scientific discovery. Each episode is curricula based (grades 1 to 4), covering biology, structures and mechanisms, matter and energy, and Earth and space science. Cosmo is learning with the help of real kids that are the experts in each field. At the end of each video, Cosmo shares a fun exercise kids can demonstrate to their families using common objects found around the house.

The format.

Season #1 consists of 30 episodes, each ~ 5 minutes in length, totalling 180min of original programming that covers a wide spectrum of science topics for children aged 6-9. Each episode has its own lesson plan, and offers kids and parents an opportunity to practice science after each video.

  • Language: English
  • Available in full HD 1920×1080, mp4 h.264
    (other formats on request)
  • English subtitles (SRT) available
  • Ingest a MRSS feed or bulk download
  • Unlimited access to learning portal with resources

Example episode.

Synopsis: Animated characters like Cosmo help kids learn by providing a social context to learning. They discover things alongside Cosmo, and feel his curiosity and emotion. Through the animation, kids get to visualize the concepts in the lesson, and understand them better.

Interactive web
learning portal.

What If Kids episodes have interactive modules with a video, activities, a teacher’s guide, research and more information.

  • Context about the place where Cosmo is starting each adventure
  • Research packages with key facts
  • Episode duration: ~ 5 minutes 
  • 90 seconds of video activity
  • Activity: instructions, details and goal of the activity 
  • Keywords and curriculum links
  • Biography of the Kid experts in the topic for each course
  • Each kid is an expert in one science stream (Living Things, Structures and Mechanisms, Energy, and Earth & Space)

From the creators:

Our hope is that “What If Kids” will spark each child’s curiosity and lead them to ask “what if” questions of their own.

Bethany KempsterWriter

What If Kids isn’t just a show for kids, it’s a show tailored to fit the school curriculum. It’s made to educate in a very entertaining way.

Maryna HordiienkoSenior Producer

There was a demand to watch What If with younger kids so we developed Cosmo the robot to act as an entry point for kids to explore and learn about science in a fun and engaging way.

Steve HulfordCEO and Co-Founder

Just like our audience, Cosmo is on a mission to learn about how cool and unique our universe is. Cosmo takes kids along on his journey of discovery and breaks down often complex adult ideas into fun and relatable content that gets them excited about the world we live in and beyond.

Scott NihillCreator Of Cosmo

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