Meet Chase

The first digital content creator with a passport to the entire galaxy.

Chase is launching soon on YouTube and TikTok.

Who is Chase?

Chase is a next-level YouTuber set to take you on extraordinary adventures across the Universe, through time and space, and deep into the frontiers of science. Ever wonder what it’s like to surf a gravitational wave or explore black holes without being spaghetti-fied? Follow Chase, and buckle up for a cosmic ride that’s as entertaining as it is educational!

Why Chase?

As a digital publisher committed to inspiring new generations about the wonders of science, we’re taking our mission to the next level by diving into the booming creator economy. With the launch of Chase—the first digital content creator with a passport to the entire galaxy—we are participating in this growing industry. Chase embodies our commitment to creating video content that both educates and inspires, offering an entirely new YouTube experience that turns educational science content into an awe-inspiring adventure across the cosmos.

Boundless Exploration

Chase isn't just a travel influencer; he's a cosmic travel influencer. Think Mr. Beast’s challenges are big? Wait until you see what Chase is up against in alternate dimensions!

A Futuristic Canvas

Decked out with futuristic tech and a flair for the extreme, Chase is part-human, part-something-else. Imagine Neil deGrasse Tyson and Deadpool had a cosmic baby—that's Chase

Edutainment Redefined

Blending cutting-edge tech and fresh talent, we're unlocking an entirely new way of sharing science. Forget about boring lectures; this is science like you've never seen (or laughed at) before!

Where can I watch Chase?

Chase is currently making waves with his guest appearances on the What If channel, and the excitement doesn’t stop there. We’re gearing up for him to launch his very own YouTube channel soon.

What to expect?

Chase is YouTube’s first virtual influencer from the future. Armed with future tech and a sense of humor, he pushes the boundaries of what’s possible in both entertainment and education. Brace yourself for adventures and challenges on a cosmic scale, as we seamlessly blend cutting-edge technology (Unreal Engine, motion capture and AI) with captivating, relatable storytelling. With Chase, science isn’t just a subject—it’s an experience coming to your smartphone and Smart TV.

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