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Underknown Announces Adeline Bailleul as Their Senior Manager, International Channels

By August 20, 2021March 18th, 2022No Comments

Adeline Bailleul will be putting her impressive list of journalistic talents to good use as Underknown’s new Senior Manager, International Channels.

Over the past 18 months the growing demand for translated Underknown content has steadily increased, making the addition of Adeline and her skills in the fields of reporting, documentary filmmaking, plus a past position as Deputy News Editor at CrowdSpark (formerly Newzulu) a perfect fit for Underknown’s expanding plans for reaching audiences that aren’t necessarily English-speaking.

Cristina Caballero, Underknown’s Vice-president of Operations, considers Adeline vital to the continued success of the company’s global audiences having access to hit series such as What If and How to Survive. Across 13 international channels, What If is being translated into 10 languages and How to Survive two, with a road map in place for both to be available in additional languages over the coming months

“Adeline is someone who understands how to reach people. She has a natural sense of knowing the topics that will resonate with viewers. She has traveled the world chronicling stories that deserve wider audiences. We think she’s a perfect fit for what we want to accomplish with all of our international channels, now and in the future,” she says.

Starting her journalism career producing long and short-form stories centered around post-Arab Spring Tunisia with a focus on underreported issues and social movements, Adeline recognized the importance of getting a message across in a manner everyone can understand, not just scholars and experts. She also understood there’s more than one approach to telling a story that needs to be heard.

“I started working on short documentaries, as I wanted to go beneath the surface stories, and really explore questions of belonging and identities, through a more questioning and poetic approach rather than journalistic,” she explains.

For her new role with Underknown, Adeline also has the benefit of an experienced team working with her. Those 38 people, situated in a dozen different countries, are the vital creative core she is directing, ensuring global audiences with a thirst for more unbelievable content will always have it waiting for them.

“This position and the mission it represents have been an amazing opportunity not only to grow but to contribute in a meaningful way, sharing important values and knowledge worldwide. Connecting with people is at the heart of my work and it maintains my happiness, and the challenge of scaling up the international operations has been thrilling.”

To learn more about Adeline’s professional accomplishments, visit her on LinkedIn.

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