Longform factual storytelling powered by talent, data and technology.
Millions watch what we create.

We are a factual production studio with a built-in audience and global reach.

Underknown Studios is an I.P creating powerhouse studio driven by our curiosity to explore the past, present and future. We develop our shows in real-time on social media, then look deep into the data to elevate them for TV screens.

We’re on a mission to inform, inspire and entertain audiences everywhere they watch factual entertainment.

150 million monthly viewers.

We bring our social audience to your audience at home.

What if you could launch a long-form TV show and the production company was able to directly reach hundreds of millions of viewers via the phone right in their hand?

Our brands’ combined global audience is 18-34, mobile and global. And they love us to the tune of 1.2 billion watch minutes. Imagine if we could tell those same people to watch the new TV show we launched on your network?

Millions watch what we create.

Storytelling leadership from across the video landscape.

The Underknown Studios team combines the best in Film, Television and Digital productions. Combined, we encompass over a century of production experience.

Proven stories.

Our data is the commissioning editor.

Imagine commissioning a long-form programming that was engineered in a laboratory to perfectly meet the viewing habits of today’s audiences.

At Underknown, we are constantly testing, testing… and testing. We take the outcomes and use it to tell even better stories. We know what subjects audiences are interested in, how long they watch them for (down to the second!) and how they want them to look and feel. Our data allows us to engineer stories that people want to watch. Stories that connect them better with their world.

Storytelling reimagined.

We are on the edge of what technology can offer.

We use this ethos to bring the human experience into every story we tell. We’ve honed cinema-quality VFX on a social media budget. Now, we’re unleashing our capabilities in long-form for streaming and broadcast formats. With Unreal Engine 5, Underknown Studios can bring any hypothetical world to life with eye-catching expertise.

We used data and social insights to develop a Snapchat Original.

When Snapchat approached Underknown, they had one ask: Make content that connects young people with the mission of re:wild. We did the rest.

Across 10 episodes, our crew traveled the globe to answer 10 different hypothetical scenarios, meet the incredible humans on the forefront of these efforts, and learn simple hacks they can incorporate into their daily lives to contribute to a wilder world.

Come explore.

Work with us.

The most important part of our secret storytelling formula: Amazing humans. We’re a global team of creatives and we’re always looking for the best and the brightest. Got a pitch? Want to work for us? Heard about something cool and you think we should know about it?

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