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It’s been a year of accolades for Underknown, the most recent being on Globe and Mail’s list of ‘Canada’s Top Growing Companies.’

The fourth annual Report on Business ranking highlights 430 businesses who have been daring enough to take risks and managed to grow through some of the most tumultuous years on record. 

Based on the three-year revenue growth, the list includes businesses from all industries and some big names from tech including BioRender on number 3, Black & White Zebra Industries Inc. on number 30 and Thinkingbox Media & Design Inc. on number 90.

 Underknown stands at 57th place on the list, which is a massive win considering how young the company is.

Started just over 5 years ago, Underknown is a data-driven digital-first media company that tells great stories to educate and inspire. The company started off with three people and one big idea – how to make science and humanities relevant again. 

Today, the company has more than 250 people working for it in over 33 countries. Its content is watched by more than 55 million followers with an average of 550 million minutes every month.

 Steve Hulford, Co-Founder and CEO of Underknown, attributes this success to the company’s talent, workflow and data.

 “We use data science, workflow innovation and some of the best storytelling talent to incubate and produce captivating video storytelling in multiple languages. Our brands, including How to Survive, Your Body On, Crazy Creatures and the others are more well-known than the company name, and to me that spells success.”

 What makes Underknown different? “We take big bold risks and mitigate them with careful planning,” says CEO Steve Hulford.

 “We are continuously learning from one another and pushing outside the comfort zone. If Underknown were a person, it would be a curious explorer, someone who is inquisitive and inspiring, agile and nimble. And that’s what makes him the winner.”

The future of the company seems even brighter as it stretches its muscles into uncharted territory, including long-form video content, and it is incubating new products in the Underknown Lab to further the goal of educating the masses about science and humanities.

 And what does being the 57th fastest growing company mean to Steve and the team? “It actually means we need to work even harder,” Steve remarks with a smile. “It means we are good, but there are more innovative companies out there, and we need to keep pushing harder for that top spot.”

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