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Underknown and Re:wild, a new environmental organization founded by a group of renowned conservation scientists together with Leonardo DiCaprio, will produce Snap Inc.’s newest Snap Original, “Planet Rewild”.

This series was developed as part of a larger multi-year partnership between Snap and Re:wild, stemming from the company’s recent announcement that it is committed to achieving net negative, meaning it will eventually remove more carbon than it is emitting, by 2030.

On average, over 200 million Snapchatters engage with AR on the platform every day. Through continuous and extensive research, Snap discovered that its Gen Z audience ranks climate change and the environment towards the very top of issues they care about most. In addition, the latest science has made clear that more needs to be done to avoid climate change’s worst impacts. Feeling a deep responsibility to take action at a pace and scale that can make a difference, Snap has chosen Underknown to help achieve this goal.

“With Underknown’s own mission being to create fun factual content that educates the world about science and humanities, we are thrilled to be working with Snap and Re:wild on this new show,” says CEO and Co-Founder, Steve Hulford. “Gen Z are the next activists and changemakers of the world. If we can get these pressing issues at the forefront of their minds, in a fun and engaging way, there’s hope for a better future.”

The Snapchat Original is being executive produced by industry veteran Kelly McKeown, ex-Discovery Channel Showrunner, and directed by Ex-Thunderbird President Mark Miller.

Planet Rewild, which will premiere in 2022, is focused on bringing Re:wild’s mission to “protect the wild that’s left and restore the rest” in-app, allowing Snapchatters to learn, explore and uncover some of the most pressing threats to nature and our own survival. The series depicts what the Earth will look like in the coming decades if we don’t learn to “rewild” our planet — and also offers a vision of the flourishing ecosystems that could emerge if we allow the wild to be restored. We don’t need to reinvent the planet; we need to rewild it.