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The popular video essay producer becomes the 8th series in Underknown’s continuously-growing brand portfolio of shows focused on science and the humanities. 

Toronto, CA – March 10, 2022 Webby-award-winning digital-first media company Underknown announces today that they are once again expanding their brand portfolio by acquiring the popular science YouTube channel “Aperture”. Approaching 1.5 million YouTube subscribers, “Aperture” covers topics spanning across the STEM and psychology space. In addition to YouTube, the show will now also be published across Underknown’s network on Facebook and Snapchat.

“Bringing the Universe down to Earth” since 2017, “Aperture” produces thought-provoking video content to help transform the lives of everyday people by encouraging critical thinking skills and an overall appreciation for life. With an unending optimism for the future of technology and humankind, “Aperture” provides an environment that encourages people from all walks of life to come together and become better humans.

With over 100 million monthly active viewers and over 50 million followers across platforms, Underknown has quickly become one of the top 3 largest factual producers in the digital-first media space, producing content in up to 10 languages.

“Aperture” becomes the 8th brand in the Underknown portfolio, joining their Webby-winning series “What If,which takes viewers on an epic journey through hypothetical worlds and possibilities; “How to Survive, which explains how to endure life-threatening moments by employing statistical facts combined with survivor stories; “Your Body On, that dives into the fitness and wellness trends filling our newsfeeds; “Origins of Food, which blends the history and culture behind what we eat into bite-sized morsels of fun, informative stories; “Crazy Creatures,a mind-blowing destination where viewers discover beasts large and small doing what just comes naturally to them, even if it is kind of disgusting; “What If Kids, a curriculum-based experience that brings families together around fun activities that educate kids about science; and their most recent addition “VS, which puts real-life animals, fantastical creatures, forces of nature and whatever else we can think of in a one-on-one battle, using science and historical facts to determine the ultimate victor.

“Expanding our content themes into Philosophy, Science and Psychology is exciting to Underknown as we work towards our goal of educating the world about science and the humanities,” said Underknown CEO and Co-Founder Steve Hulford. He continued, “Acquisitions are rare to come by but this was a great fit for our mission and culture. We look forward to working with Mike. What he has built is fantastic and we hope to continue to grow it on other platforms like Snapchat, Facebook and TikTok.”

“With their vast experience in scientific storytelling, an award-winning team of researchers and producers, and an unwavering curiosity for the world we live in, Underknown is the exact kind of partner I have been looking for my entire career,” said Aperture Founder Mike McEwen. “When it comes to the vision that Aperture aims to bring to life each and every day, there is no other company better fit to help elevate Aperture to the next level.” 

About Underknown:

Underknown is a digital-first media company that specializes in creating short-form web series for social video platforms. Underknown’s mission is to create fun, engaging and educational content that educates the world about science and the humanities. Underknown is a Toronto-based global multiplatform digital video company. For more information, contact us.