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A meteorite lands in the office! CEO Steve Hulford explains. “At Underknown we are acquiring historical artifacts from the human history of science, technology and innovation. We do this to help us learn about the future and to inspire us. I am forever inspired when I hold in my hand meteorite that fell to earth 4-5,000 years ago. To think that this was traveling through space at one time, and is now in my hand is an awe inspiring moment. We want to collect these artifacts as one of our missions is to help people from their screen to the sky, and this does that. This particular asset comes from the the Campo del Cielo meteorite that fell in Argentina (4-5,000 years ago). It’s find is the second largest meteorite known to humanity. It was first discovered in 1576, but was already well known to the aboriginal inhabitants of the area. The craters and the area around contain numerous fragments of an iron meteorite. The total weight of the pieces so far recovered is over 100 tonnes, making the meteorite possibly the heaviest one ever recovered on Earth.”