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Mary Rindlesbach Joins Underknown as Senior Manager of Content Acquisiton and Development

By May 1, 2021July 1st, 2021No Comments
Digital content expert Mary Rindlesbach is bringing her impressive skill tree to Underknown’s ever-expanding number of popular web series.

Underknown is thrilled to the Moon and back to announce Mary Rindlesbach will be working directly with licensing agencies and content creators across various social media platforms in her efforts to acquire interesting, unbelievable and trending footage for use in anything related to the company’s video creation process. Mary knows a thing or 20 about what makes a video pop, so she’ll also play a key role with Underknown’s development team, where she’ll be assisting showrunners and video producers as they construct the signature videos for series such as What If and How to Survive.

“I love finding the perfect piece of video to complete a concept and I love telling short-form digital stories,” she explains on her drive for tracking down the best of the best when it comes to her perpetual hunt for fascinating content, a key driving force for her during the years she has spent working in the field of digital content creation.

She’s also an educator who knows what it takes to make a lasting impression with people through the perfect combination of imagery and great storytelling. Mary’s additional background in teaching digital media courses at a college level is a perfect mesh with the science-first focus for all of the Underknown series, just one of the many reasons CEO Steve Hulford thinks she will play a vital role in the company’s future.

“I first met Mary in 2017 when she was at Upworthy and have followed her career from Brut to Brainjolt. We had a need to look at shows through licensing-led storytelling, and there is no one better in our industry so we are delighted to have Mary join the Underknown team,” he says.

You can find Mary on LinkedIn here.


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