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Ken is a veteran media executive with broad experience in leading a successful television network, content production and distribution, programming, and international co-production.

Ken recently stepped down as Vice-President and General Manager of Discovery Networks Canada, where over 16 years he oversaw the expansion of Discovery Channel’s robust and dynamic Canadian programming slate which was instrumental in keeping the network a ratings leader and pioneer in Canadian specialty broadcasting, across multiple platforms.

Prior to that, Ken was National Vice President of News and Current Affairs for the Global Television Network where he restructured the news operations and successfully launched Global’s first national newscast.

Ken is thrilled to be working with Underknown. In his own words: “Underknown is already ahead of the curve thanks in large part to the visionary and fearless CEO and co-founder Steve Hulford, who leads a talented team committed to producing and distributing unique quality content internationally, using an equally unique business model. Underknown is a highly successful upstart in an increasingly challenging and competitive media world.”

As International Advisor to Underknown, the company benefits from Ken’s proven experience on everything from strategic co-production and international financing partnerships, to development of innovative content and branding strategies.