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Underknown’s latest offering, Around the World, is taking things worldwide, highlighting the most interesting trends, attractions and cultural touchstones on Earth.

This new show is a boundless adventure. “It’s going to take the viewer around the world, showing them the coolest, most interesting, most dangerous things that the world has to offer,” says Underknown Show Development Lead, Taylor Moyle.

Around the World will leave no stone unturned and no concept untouched. Get ready for epic countdowns of the best of the best unique global topics. From diverse beauty standards to dangerous amusement parks, there’s no subject off the table, as long as it’s tied to an interesting region or location.

Nick Durst will be showrunning. Relatively new to Underknown, Nick is eager to be at the helm of creating inspiring content for a digital-first and people-first media company.

“I really enjoy the company culture so far,” he says. “That’s very evident from every call and Slack message. It’s been great.”

Around the World, Nick says, is an opportunity to drive audience engagement with Underknown content in an innovative way. It will give global viewers useful tips and practical information on places to see or things to try that could be a stone’s throw away from their own homes.

“People are going to want to tune in wherever they are to see if somewhere near them is making the list. It also could help people who are searching for destinations. If they’re looking for the nicest beaches in the world, maybe you want to go on vacation, you might search that. Our video comes up. And from there, you can just see all the other relatable videos.”

For Underknowners too, Around the World presents the opportunity to experiment. Writers, showrunners and creative team members will get the chance to push boundaries and break out of their niches more, says Nick.

“When people have ideas but they don’t necessarily fit into their specific show, it’ll work on this show because you can really talk about anything.”

“I’m excited about the prospects of our newest show, Around the World!” adds Kevin Colacci, Production Senior Manager.  “We’ve always tried to cater our content to a global audience, but this is the first show that’s made highlighting international stories its prime focus. I don’t think we’ve had a channel with such a broad appeal before, so I’m thrilled to see what new audiences we can reach and engage with.”

Check out our new show here.