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Open and curious minds are what fuel a world that is ever-changing and striving for more. These are the minds INSH embraces and welcomes to explore with it the underknown stories, facts and theories from geography, history, science and culture that have helped shape this planet we all call home. Humankind’s accomplishments across the globe and beyond have acted as beacons to learn from, and we welcome you to ponder the magnificent vagaries of life and the Universe with us.

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A motherload of short-form social video in the humanities for attention-starved millennials.

Mobile technology has made the “anything, anytime, anywhere” consumption of media possible. With INSH, our mission is to engage these primarily young and mobile audiences with timeless, snackable content from the humanities.

Tailored For Social

Produced in square (1x1), landscape (16:9) or vertical (9x16) aspect ratio.


Snackable, sharable videos of 2-3 min in length


INSH videos are fact-checked according to the International Fact-Checking Network’s code of principles.

Wide Range of Topics

Topics in History, Geography, Culture and Science

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