Let ‘What If’ videos drive consumption and engagement on your owned channels.

Take your audience on an epic exploration of possibilities.

What If videos take your audience on an epic exploration of possibilities that can increase engagement and monetization.

Our unique way of explaining science has resulted in What If becoming the #1 Science & Technology video publisher according to Tubular Labs (Youtube, Facebook and Instagram combined).

If you are looking to engage Millennials on your owned and operated platforms, What If will do that for you with 66% of our audience in that age group on Facebook and YouTube. Designed to be consumed on TV or mobile, the What If video series has over 430 videos in the library, and we are producing 15-30 a month.

We are evaluating licensing opportunities globally in four different languages.

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Benefits of showing our short docs on your owned and operated properties:

  • Engagement: Boost engagement and time spent on your OTT channel or mobile app. Our videos that are designed to generate reactions such as comments and shares.
  • Timeless content: Keep your audience engaged with timeless content that doesn’t go stale. Our videos stay relevant.
  • Format: A proven format that will work on TV and mobile.
  • Engage Millennials: The show is made by Millennials for Millennials who represent the largest segment of our audience.
  • Revenue: Get additional revenue by monetizing videos with pre-roll video ads in your mobile app, and keep current subscribers happy with content they want to watch.
  • Proven: almost 4 Billion video views from the #1 science and technology video channel in the world.
  • Easy delivery: Ingest our MRSS feed into your CMS or get access to our archive if your systems can’t handle feeds.

What you get:

  • 15 – 30 videos per month
  • Access to the archive of 430 videos
  • Videos are 4 minutes in length.
  • Available in 1920 x 1080 or 1080 x 1080 aspect ratio.
  • Schedule the amount you want & when
  • Select by topic: Body, Cosmos, Earth, Humanity, Technology
  • Select by language: English, Hindi, Japanese, Mandarin and Spanish

What If is available in English, Chinese, Spanish, Hindi and Japanese:

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