Over the past 2 years, we have been helping numerous brands such as Blinkist, CuriosityStream and NordVPN reach and engage with our audience through shout outs (sometimes also known as Live Reads or Host Reads) on our Webby Award-Winning Science channel, What If.  

We’ve learned a lot about engaging fans and wanted to share some of our insights and ideas with you. 

We invite you to watch the webinar below
 where we talk about:
  • 3 tricks we use to boost the impact of our brand shout outs
  • Why our audience can’t stop commenting about how “smooth” our integrations are
  • The opportunity most marketers miss when using influencer marketing in their campaigns
  • How to use storytelling in video integrations to improve sales results

Webinar Length: 15:40

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Gary Fearnall

Head of Sales and Partnerships